Random Ramblings

The past several months have been weird, trying, scary, disheartening, and a multitude of other emotions. Friends have lost their jobs, businesses have closed down. People have gotten very sick, some died.

Depression has hit many of us–I’ve begun to notice the signs in myself. How could you not become depressed in a world of the unknown? All across the world people were put into lock down, and at the same time, people scoffed and fought against being told what to do.

While my day job did not close–we’re an essential business–we were told to work from home for many weeks. We are finally back to work at 50% capacity, alternating weeks in the office and working remotely. Every day I, and my coworkers, wait(ed) for an announcement of layoffs/furloughs. As of right now, we are told there are no plans for layoffs.

Over and over, author friends have stated the creative juices have all but dried up. Still others have been on creative overload. Personally, I have been very productive on the writing front. This outlet has helped me remain sane, helped me vent frustrations and hurts I can’t to those around me. During this quarantine, I have finished two manuscripts. Now I am in the process of researching agents to query. I have been cautioned that the industry is tough right now so don’t get the hopes to high. Right now? Like the industry hasn’t been tough to break in to for the past several years? However, I am optimistic. My initial list of agents is 20. If none of those 20 want me, I’ll try another 20. And until I find an agent I’ll keep writing.

I pray each and everyone of you stays safe and healthy. God bless!

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