Foray into the future…

A new year, a new you, right? I can say yes…to some extent. I mean, we’ve all had to adapt and grow. Some of us have remained hidden from the outside world for months. As I’ve mentioned before, I was hit by the writing bug pretty hard in 2020. I needed that kick in the backside. Honestly, if not for that forced shutdown, I would never have finished the three books I did in 2020.

So what do I now? Well, Uncovering Austin is finally out in the world. I happily published that book. Talk about labor intensive! Austin’s story has been in the works for a good seven years. Originally, the story was going to be around 20,000 words. After multiple rewrites, edits and revisions, the book ended up at just under 55,000. Austin’s personality went on an amazing journey. He mellowed, became a bit more likable, and he finally allowed me to lead him to his happy ever after.

Now that Austin is settled, I will work on the dozen (or so!) manuscripts I started. This year, my sincere hope is to finish a women’s fiction novel and an inspirational romance. By finish, I mean full revisions, synopsis and query letter. Then, it’s agent hunting. I know many people have great success self-publishing. I hope to have a fraction of that success. However, my dream from long, long ago was to sign with an agent and until I have been told 100% I suck and no agent will ever sign me, I’m not giving up on that particular dream.

Live well, my friends, and dream on!

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