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To land the promotion as Vice President of Entertainment for the boutique firm of Whole Soul Media, PR guru Bethany Wilson takes on the job everyone craves but no one wants, representing Nashville’s elusive chart topper, Austin Grant, and his new talent show. Getting the recalcitrant singer to open up is an almost impossible task, and one that countless PR reps have failed at, but if Bethany can get him onside, her job–and her rockstar status in the industry–will be guaranteed.

A life lived in the spotlight means Austin Grant is an expert at charming media hounds, while a childhood run-in with notorious gossip monger Holly Wilson has taught him to never trust anyone carrying a camera. When his production team hires Holly’s daughter to handle PR on his new show, Next Big Nashville, Austin fears Bethany is coming for more than his show’s publicity, but for the painful story of his first wife’s death, as well. If Bethany’s anything like her. mother, then he knows if she can’t dig up the story, she’ll have no trouble creating it.

After a rocky start, Bethany and Austin negotiate a fragile peace and a delicate working relationship. But when history repeats itself and he sees her interrogating children for a story, it threatens to destroy the goodwill and burgeoning attraction between them. Can they overcome the traumas of their past to discover the peace of forgiveness, and realize they’re made for each other as well?

When Spirit Calls: Buy the book here


When spirit calls, it’s not just the living who answer.

Psychic medium Elle Gordon has been called to the Gateway Ranch & Resort. A rogue spirit is tormenting the undead, preventing their cross overs. Using her connection to the other side, Elle is determined to stop the attacks. If only the hunky hotel manager, Caspian, would stop disturbing her process and focus. A shared goal of saving spirit convinces the couple to work together. Acknowledging and accepting their mutual attraction, their new bond amplifies their powers. But will that new strength be enough to put an end to the rogue spirit, or will it destroy them all?